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You have most likely heard of the dangers recently associated with the Dominican Republic resorts.  Deaths, sickness and people cancelling their vacations to avoid any perceived threats.  While there is no doubt that the deaths are real and people have fallen ill while traveling abroad to the Dominican Republic, we must ask if this is a true danger to travel to the Dominican Republic or just media propaganda.

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Why we are Writing on this Topic

My family has recently returned home to the United States from a six (6) night stay in the Dominican Republic.  Iberostar Resort right on the ocean is where we stayed and we left the resort property 3 separate times to travel deeper into the country.  We have first hand experience of the Dominican Republic and what goes on at the resorts and off the resorts.  Writing this article to share with others our experience, our take on the recently deaths and illnesses and offer a few safety tips to fellow international travelers.

Family Travelers to Dominican Republic

Are the Dangers REAL?

Any international travel comes with a certain amount of risk and danger.  We must always consider the consequences of being on foreign soil governed by a different set of laws and customs.  This being said, there is so much more to gain from your travel experiences abroad if we properly plan and prepare.  Major topics to consider are food, water and other beverage consumption.  Places like the Dominican Republic are hot and dehydration can take hold quickly.  Deaths in the Dominican Republic have been associated with alcohol consumption and possibly unclean water.  Food at the buffets are served to hundreds (or thousands) of people everyday and are prepared for the masses.

Dominican Republic Food

Of the tens of thousands of people that travel to the Dominican Republic every year, very few have fall ill or die.  While we were on the island, alcohol flowed like water on a river (we don’t drink and did not consume any), people are constantly consuming a mix drink or beer/wine.  Buffets are packed from open to close and deserts and snack dance into the late hours of the night.  Statistically, the danger is so minimal that you will experience death or illness traveling to the Dominican Republic.  Traveling off the resort is a different set of dangers, let us know if you would like a blog post about the off resort dangers to be aware of.

Off resort travel

   Tips for Safe Travel

You’re headed to the Dominican Republic, what are you going to look out for?  (ON resort tips)

  1. Clean Water
    1. Make sure plastic water bottles are sealed before use (if opened, throw away)
    2. Make sure you are using water (from resorts) that is from a filtered source
    3. Do not drink water that you do not know the source of (or leave drinks unattended)
    4. Drink LOTS of clean water!  Dehydration will happen fast.
  2. Alcohol Consumption
    1. Make sure the bottle is sealed prior to use
    2. Only order drinks from bar tenders or waitress
    3. Do not drink liquor from unknown sources or people (or leave drinks unattended)
  3. Food
    1. Eating from the buffets and restaurants on the resort should be safe
    2. Watch for excessive flies or improper handling of food items
    3. Make sure packaged foods are sealed before opening to consume
  4. Personal Items
    1. Make sure personal and valuable items are stored in the room safe with a unique lock code you create
    2. Keep your room organized, locked and easy to clean

While there is always more things to consider to stay safe and enjoy your trip, the four points will serve you well to keep your body and mind in a good place while traveling to the Dominican Republic.  Please reach out in comments or on Instagram if you have any questions about our trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Let us know if you have any “stay safe” travel tips in the comments!

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Happy Trails,

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**This article is not meant to be specific legal advice or a sure fire way to stay safe while traveling to the Dominican Republic or anywhere international or in your home country.  They are strictly talking points and opinions.