May 17th: Lansing, Michigan

our first day in the rv

Today is the first day in the RV. We left our sticks and bricks home and made our new home in the RV. There were a few tears shed. Niko was sad to leave the house and I was sad to leave without Bella. “I know she will have so much fun with her Dad,” I have to keep reminding myself. Ryan’s parents were there to send us off, it was such a blessing to have them there.

Time for Reflection

We made sure to sit and reflect before we left. The family all sat in a circle on our empty living room floor to pray and say what we were most thankful for during our time in the house. The kids loved the holidays and birthdays and playing outside. Dad’s favorite memory was having the kids wave to him out the window when he left. Mine was Louie’s home birth. reflecting before our first day in the rvOur journey the first day in the RV started heading about an hour East of Grand Rapids towards Lansing. We were suppose to meet up with a YouTube friend but her kids got sick with the flu and we were unable to. Both of us were super bummed but promised each other it would happen some day! Ryan did a fantastic job driving the RV and we both learned a lot setting it up for the first time.

After everything was set up we cooked our first meal in the RV- pasta and meat sauce! I learned that propane burns a lot hotter and I’d have to keep an eye on the food so it won’t burn. The kids enjoyed playing at the campground playground. Most of the other kids there were much older, but they were so nice to our kids. We went to Potter Park Zoo and had a really fun time. The lions there were so amazing. We got to stand right next to them and hear them ROAR from the other side of the glass, the kids even got scared for a second!

Time For Fun

After our time at the zoo we went back to the campground. It was still a bit chilly in Michigan and we were excited to be able to leave our home state. When we woke up the next day, we realized we had left the awning out all night and there was a light rain. During the rain, the tree above dropped about a million little sticky leaves onto the awning. We had no choice but to roll them up when it was time to go. Ryan and I looked at each other and said, “those things will probably be on there FOREVER.” Regardless, it was time to head to Ohio!

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