How Can You Become A Happier Human in your everyday life?

We all strive to be happy.  But what is happiness?  Is it a feeling of well-being, contentment, or pleasure?  You have your own definitions of happiness, that are most likely attached to feelings.  What if we told you that happiness can be achieved by feelings that YOU create, would you believe us?

When something ‘happens to us’ and it makes us happy, that is great!  For example; you can land a new client or customer, you can get a raise at work or maybe someone gives you a really nice complement that has you floating on cloud nine.  All of these and many more scenarios can trigger feel good vibes in us.  However, just like deodorant, they wear off and its right back to your natural state. Is your natural state one of happiness and joy-or are you stuck feeling worn down, tired out, and hopeless-or even just meh?


What if your natural state was happy? 

Smartphones have a “master reset”, setting everything back to default settings.  What if you could “master reset” yourself and the default is happiness?  No matter what happens to you; if it’s something bad, you find the positivity in life and are still happy at the core.  If it’s something good, that only amplifies your happiness.

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Everyone wants to be happier, what does that look like to you? Use this workbook to discover how you can apply these 11 tips into your life. Make your ordinary life, EXTRAORDINARY.

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The Kelley Krew

11 Powerful Ways to Become a Happier Human

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