3 Pyramids and the Island

Three pyramids at Moody Gardens rise out of the ground next to the bay on Galveston Island, piquing your curiosity of what lies under their pointed domes. It’s a busy area with water parks, restaurants, hotels and more. The beach stretches across the entire islands coast welcoming the warm water to a shallow sandy bottom. Lined with palm trees, the coastal homes give the atmosphere a touch of paradise and cruising the strip will always be a pleasureful ride.

Moody Garden Pyramids


The Gardens

Moody Gardens offer a wide variety of family friendly fun for all ages. Under their pointed
roof tops, the pyramids hold three unique attractions. An aquarium, rainforest and a
discovery pyramid. Spongebob Squarepants, an interactive show, is the feature show
in the discovery pyramid. They walk you into a large “submarine” and give on heck of
an experience. The kids will love it!

The rainforest pyramid at Moody Gardens offers so much for your eyes to gaze upon, most importantly is accompanied by the smells you will expect from a rainforest.  From finding birds and other animals to looking at the plants in awe at their amazement, the rainforest pyramid provides entertainment and education for the whole family.

Rainforest Pyramid


3D & 4D movies are a huge hit at Moody Gardens, although they come with a possibility
that some of the kids might get a little scared. Putting on the glasses offers a much
more real and “up close” thrill that brings the experience to life. Moody Gardens does a
very good job of capturing the right content to make the shows a huge hit.

3D & 4D Movies

While during our visit at Moody Gardens we were unable to visit the aquarium pyramid along with some of the other fun activities.  Based on the quality of the other areas of the park, certainly the rest will not disappoint!  Moody Gardens proved to be a great experience for our family.

The Final say?

Above all, we would totally go back to Moody Gardens and give them two thumbs up for anyone in the Galveston area to visit!

Family Pic


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