Looking for the PERFECT RV?

If you have a large family (i.e. tons of kids like us) and have always dreamed about traveling, an RV is the perfect way to do it!  Many RV’s can accommodate lots of people and even have multiple bedrooms. Today we are going to share our 5th wheel RV with you. We are going to highlight some of the best points. If you are in the market, you may have just found the perfect one! As we go through each room, we will point out our must haves and favorite features. Let’s explore the Forest River Sabre Cobalt 36frp.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was super important to us. This is where we spend many hours each day cooking, eating, and cleaning up. One of our must haves was a residential size refrigerator. We want to be smart about spending money on the road and one way we can do that is by eating at home rather than at restaurants. As a family of 6, we needed lots of space to store food and we felt this kitchen really did the job.

The Dining Room

Our dining room comfortable sits 4 people. We love that it is a free standing table with 4 separate chairs. This is perfect for our 4 children. When we all want to sit and eat together, we simply head outside to the picnic table! Each chairs seat lifts up for storage and we love the dark wood color.

The Living Room

The living room is a small space (what do you expect this is an RV). The couch is awesome though! It reclines and the feet lift up, it has heat and massage, 4 cup holders and a storage space in the middle. One thing I have thought about doing is purchasing a different couch that can fold out into a bed. There are definitely options if we wanted more sitting space. The living room also has a fire place and little command station we use for charging phones and storage. There is a TV and DVD/Radio for entertainment. It’s great for our family to spend time together.


The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse was the deal maker for us.  Kids having their own storage space and own bed is very important for a family to stay organized and give each kid a sense of privacy.  With a large TV and HDMI hookup the room doubles as a movie theater with a couch big enough to fit everyone.  The addition of a 1/2 bath offers the kids their own area of hygiene and adds the ease of using the restroom during the night.  If you have a larger family, the bunkhouse will be a valuable way to offer the kids their own spacious area “kids zone” for your life on the road.

The Kids 1/2 Bath

The Master

Ah yes, the space for the King and Queen to have as their own. We love the way our master bedroom came together with the decor. The yellow and gray quilt makes the room really bright and feel like home.  One of our “must haves” is the full washer and dryer units you see pictured below.  A large family makes a pile of laundry with a quick couple changes of clothes.  Visiting the laundry facilities is still needed for larger items like the quilts and blankets, yet the ease of use of our on-rig washer and dryer keeps us with fresh clothes daily and saves us time and a TON of money not feeding the laundry facilities our quarters.  **Pro tip:  If your washer drains to your grey tank make sure you are checking your tank levels often to avoid overflow.


The Laundry

The Full Bath

An on-rig full bath was another “must have” for us.  Large families shower frequent and with younger kids even more often.  While utilizing the campsite showers may be an option at most places; for us, going full time, we need the option to have our RV be as close to living in a house as possible which includes us have the option to shower in our rig.  Messes with kids can happen at any time and we have found that the on-rig shower has proved valuable on more than one occasion.  *Pro tip:  Try to utilize the campground (or other) facilities for going #2, it will keep things much easier to clean and maintain.

The Outdoor Features

Life on the road is meant to be lived outdoors!  Our rig has a outdoor grill and refrigerators along with a large amount of additional storage space.  We find ourselves using the grill often and with a large family the two additional fridges + extra storage has been great.  Each side of the rig has an outdoor shower (passenger side is more of a utility sprayer) and works great for things like; pre-washing clothes or a good spray off after the beach before entering the rig.

Our rig has a pass through storage compartment towards the front which holds things like; brooms, vacuums, extra TP & paper towels, kids toys, etc.  While it’s not a garage or basement, it’s provides us with plenty of space for the storing many items for life on the road.


We hope you enjoyed seeing our RV today, if you want an even more in depth view of our our new home, feel free to watch the video tour!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Trails,

The Kelley Krew