Our RV life story starts at our 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2500 square foot house on 1/2 an acre. It’s a wonderful spot of dirt we’ve called home for 3 1/2 years. It is the first home we bought together as a married couple. Our fourth child was born here and we celebrated many birthdays and holidays in this place. Not only have we decorated it to our liking, but we’ve fixed, replaced, and added many things to make it a perfect place so many people would be exceptionally happy to have.

In April of 2019 we decided to sell it. This home we worked so hard on, spent so much money on, and made our own was going to belong to someone else. Along with selling the house, we also sold the majority of the furniture and both of our cars. We let it all go. Our sense of security, our possessions, literally our HOME. We sold everything we worked hard to get. But why? For that, we need to rewind a bit…

My first child was born in May of 2010. The moment I saw her beautiful face, I knew I wanted to give her my everything and spend as much time with her as possible. That meant my maternity leave from my CNA position at the local nursing home turned into me quitting all together. I was determined to make being a stay at home mama work for us.

I met my now husband Ryan when my baby was 6 months old. He had just quit his stable union job to pursue real estate full time. He was able to support all 3 of us and my dream of being a stay at home mom was fulfilled. In February of 2014 I started a YouTube channel with the desire to share natural living and motherhood with others while helping to bring in extra income, all while still staying at home.

Ryan’s career was morphing into what we thought was an incredible opportunity for us. He went from owning some rental properties, to becoming a realtor to now being the CEO of Franchise Development for a new up and coming real estate company. At this point we now had 4 children. I was continuing with my VERY part time income posting videos on YouTube while also undertaking the role of homeschool mom. We decided in July 2018 to start posting videos every single day in hopes to make this part time income get bigger.

In November of 2018 after working (incredibly hard) as the CEO, things with the franchise company began to fall apart. They didn’t have enough money to pay him, the people weren’t who he thought they were and even though it “seemed” like a good company, franchises weren’t selling. With all this coming to light, Ryan chose to take the holidays off to enjoy and we would decide what we were going to do next after the new year.

Ultimately he resigned from that position and began selling real estate again. It was fine and made money, but all the while our passion was creating content on YouTube.

One day in April my husband came home from a coffee date with a grand idea. Let’s hit the road in an RV. Let’s sell everything, travel and meet up with other YouTubers. This is when the #LetsConnect American YouTubers tour was born.

The first thing we did was look at RVs and a truck to pull it. In order for this to make sense we had to sell both of our vehicles. My 2011 Traverse was the nicest car I had ever owned and I cried when we sold it. It was the only material thing that I was really emotional about. Tearing down the kids homeschool room was also tough, because I loved that space but I knew that this adventure in the RV would be such an incredible learning experience for them. After cleaning the house and replacing some of the carpet we put the house up for sale. It sold in 6 hours and we had a lot of nervous excitement going on. “This is really happening!”

We had a month to move out of our house and into the RV. We put some of our most important possessions into a storage unit and moved the necessities into the RV. We pulled out of our house on May 17th and that is when we started our journey across the country.

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The Kelley Krew