Curious who The Kelley Krew is?

Start here: We were pretty negative people in our past. Being happy hasn’t always come naturally for us. We were the type of people who got angry at the weather and heated about someone cutting us off in traffic. That is no longer the case. We have been able to shift our mindset to be happy and to see the positive in every situation. It took a lot of effort at first, as we were very negative people. Now, it comes naturally. We don’t dwell on situations but instead take them as learning experiences and move on. Personally, we have been able to completely change our lives by choosing to be happy and we want to be able teach you how to do it too.

Who is The Kelley Krew?

That’s us! We are daily vloggers on YouTube and love sharing our lives through social media. We strive to live a happy and healthy lifestyle for ourselves, our children, and our viewers.

The Kelley Krew Kids

Why a blog?

We want to be able to share our lives to entertain and inspire others to be happier humans. By creating a blog we will be able to do that in a fun and interesting way.

What are we going to be blogging about?

We are going to be blogging about our adventures as a happy family and we will be sharing interesting parts of our days and what we’ve learned along the journey.

Vincent Kelley

Who are we writing for?

Here at The Kelley Krew, we are writing for EVERY HUMAN who wants to live a HAPPIER life.

Who is The Kelley Krew

How can YOU get involved?

Comment, Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE to this blog so you don’t miss new posts (you’ll also get a free eBook workbook when you subscribe).

Our goals with this blog?

Our goal is to help you to be a happier human. We want to be able to inspire you, whether it’s as simple as choosing to be happy when your day hasn’t gone as planned, or as profound as chasing your biggest life goal. We want to help you to see your potential to be great and radiate happiness in your life.

Ryan & Tabitha Kelley

Everyone at The Kelley Krew is so excited to start this blog and share even more with you.  Come back here for more on becoming a happier human. Thank you for being part of the Krew!


Happy Trails,

The Kelley Krew